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Qubit leads W3C effort to pioneer a new open standard for data

As data driven technologies are still in relative infancy, Qubit and a select group of partners including Google, IBM, Adobe and Accenture, have joined forces to create a standardized approach to data collection and interpretation.

Why do businesses need an open standard?

Website development teams now have a whole host of tasks on their hands; those concerning the smooth functioning of the website, and those managing technology requests from other areas of the business. As no standard exists for data-driven technologies, developers spend much of their time ‘wiring in’ these technologies, detracting from website optimization tasks.

One open standard for all technologies to follow

All the information a technology needs to function, such as product size, colour, SKU code, stock availability and delivery information, will be handled in the same format. The standard will work a bit like an international travel adaptor - no matter where your technology comes from, you’ll be able to plug it straight into your business. The business benefits are clear; a ‘plug and play’ model minimizing development strain and creating more flexibility to shop around for the right tech. Manufacturers will also benefit from an ‘app store’ type marketplace where their technologies can be easily found, tested and reviewed.

How will the W3C standard work?

The development teams within Qubit, Google, IBM, Accenture, Adobe and over 50 others have agreed on a number of data criteria that all technologies must adopt to be compliant. The inspiration for these criteria was Qubit’s own Universal Variable data model, which clearly labels every single object on a website that can be used to understand visitor behavior.

A new era of data transparency begins

The new data standard has the potential to significantly increase transparency around the handling of sensitive customer data - a hot topic at the moment. More robust standards for data management will make data compliance more straightforward for site owners and the monitoring of that compliance more transparent within the industry as a whole. If you want to find more about Qubit, click the button below.