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Infographic - A/B testing: 5 checkpoints on the road to success

A/B testing is all about the compromise between accuracy and sample size. Our latest infographic looks at the 5 things marketers need to do to improve their testing chances.

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Key takeaway stats:

  • 75% of the Internet Retailer top 500 are using an A/B testing platform. Tweet this!

  • 97% of marketers claim that A/B testing is valuable. Tweet this!

  • 61% of organizations are planning to bolster testing services in the next 12 months. Tweet this!

  • Without using a proper methodology, 72% of A/B test 'winners' could cause no change, or worse, a decline in revenue. Tweet this!

  • Despite what your platform is reporting, bad tests could deliver 3 x less ROI. Tweet this!

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