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23% increase in conversion rates for international users

23% increase in conversion rates for international users


DFS wanted to inform their international visitors that they ship outside of the UK. They decided to target their European visitors with personalized notifications.


Showing a message layer will make it clearer to non-UK visitors that DFS can deliver throughout Europe.


Users on their first session from either France, Spain, Portugal, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Wight, or Isle of Man.


The layer was triggered on the landing page of the visitor’s first session, informing them that DFS deliver to Europe. The text was personalized depending upon the visitor’s location and pushed them to use DFS’s free call back service for further information.


DFS found a 23% increase in conversion rates for international visitors.

Applied personalization:


“Using Qubit has allowed us to dive into our customer data to really push our testing and personalisation strategy. Their segmentation and targeting capabilities, on both this localisation approach and lots of other dimensions, have opened many opportunities for us and we look forward to exploring them further.”

Russell Harte,
Head of Multichannel Development & Delivery