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11.6% uplift in conversions with weather targeting for Burton

11.6% uplift in conversions with weather targeting for Burton


Burton were looking for an innovative targeting personalization that coincided with their merchandising strategy. Qubit had begun development on a weather add-on, utilizing the Qubit platform as well as an external API.


Personalizing the homepage by adjusting what products are shown, depending upon the visitor’s local weather, will increase conversions.


All users.


A tile on the homepage was taken over and directed users to weather appropriate products. This would rotate between three different creatives: one with the visitor’s local weather and temperature, another with the recommended product, and lastly, a styled model photograph.


As a result of this weather test, Burton had an 11.6% uplift in conversions across all users.

Applied personalization:

Burton menswear target users on their local weather


“Qubit’s rich data set for segmentation and advanced hyperlocal capabilities have allowed us to do something truly innovative here - this is a first for Burton as well as fashion ecommerce. Being able to produce recommendations based on local weather, down to such a granular level, is a testament to Qubit’s technical creativity - we look forward to our continued work together.”

Richard Wilson,
Head of Digital, Burton