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Give your visitors the web they want

Qubit delivers personalizations that reach all your visitors

Weather targeting

Target your visitors based on the current weather

Special offers

Deliver VIP customers exclusive and latest deals

Content engagement

Keep users engaged with alternative content

Abandonment prevention

Capture abandoners' attention before they leave

Topshop use Qubit to deliver A/B tests at scale

One of the world’s most recognizable and innovative fashion retailers

Shop Direct pushes 500 tests live each year

Sophisticated multichannel retailer using Qubit on a fully self service basis

Farfetch places data at the heart of its business

Internationally acclaimed pureplay pushing the boundaries of Big Data

Our applications. Built with you in mind.


Serve targeted personalizations with pinpoint accuracy

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Identify the most profitable segments for web personalization

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Quickly visualize and create custom reports on your web data

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Harness the power of the Visitor Cloud

Leverage Qubit's real-time visitor data to personalize every step of your customer's journey.

Core features:
– Scalable infrastructure
– Real-time processing
– Cross device support
– Data import

We work with the world’s
leading brands

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